Design in its widest definition is any intentional manipulation of the environment. Behind that intent is the designer's purpose.

Architectural design can offer infinite shades of intent behind the purpose. Some architects have articulated their intent as a defined manifesto. Others may hold a loose collection of design beliefs or quasi-rules. All designers will have ideas that structure how they approach their work. A manifesto suggests strong declaration of design intent, perhaps the term 'design thinking' better expresses a more dynamic approach.

hej design thinking

All observation and experiences are source of analogy and learning for my designs particularly, fixing cars and designing clothes.

Architecture need not be defined by style or 'isms'.


I can appreciate the style of cars as diverse as the '65 Ford Falcon, '73 Mercedes Sports, the '73 Triumph Stag and an '84 Celica Coupe, all of which I have owned. Their designers gave them a distinctive style, but that is only one aspect, that seen by the eyes. They are certainly all different to drive, which is after all their function.

Architecture is design of form that functions.

Architecture is therefore a rational synthesis:

The site and brief are the beginning of an individual expression
The techne of building and tectonic of construction will structure form
The material choice and texture are the reality of form as the feel of a building may be as important as what can be seen
Considering environment maximises site utilisation for human comfort
and efficient use of resources

If a building is understood in light (and shadow)
buildings should be designed in perspective.

Function includes human physical needs and psyche.

It was once thought that architecture was a social panacea, however, I have seen that architecture merely expresses human aspirations.

I see design as a collaborative approach, where all those involved contribute their skills to the whole so that none can say "this was me", rather it is "this is we".

Another rich source of analogy in my design thinking is my understanding that nature is the work of the great Architect who formed the light and "commanded and they were created". When not exploring architecture, or making things, I explore history and analogy in the bible.

Biblical Exegesis