A discovery in the Art World Gustav Holmbom

I prefer my art realistic and the subjects recognizable. I prefer that when I look at a thing I gain pleasure from it.. if I wish to feel pain, i might lift weights, dig a trench or pour concrete, and there is enough sorrow in the world already. What I didn't expect is that I would be out there having to correct experts in the art world. It so happens I am related to a few artists. One Gustav Holmbom has become a mystery man of the art world. He is not famous - yet- but it seems he was relatively prolific over 20 years at the end of the Danish Golden age to 1903.

Lake Macquarie City Council & Sea Level Rise

In Lake Macquarie City Council:

The required minimum floor level is based on:
1. planning for a 1:100 year flood of 1.5mAHD (Australian Height Datum - average sea level in 1971)
2. plus 0.49m for sea level rise by 2050 (denied by LMCC general manager to Garry Edwards)
3. plus a freeboard (0.37m).

1. The highest recorded flood was to 1.25AHD in 1949 in one place where the water banked up. More recent levels were 1.05AHD in 2007 and 1.0mAHD in1990. The lake level ranges from 0.1 to 0.4m AHD.

It just got more complex

I haven't posted for a while.

If anyone is looking for an archiect, they might like to know what hurdles an architect has to jump to obtain their building approval.

My first application was with (and for) my parents and it was a set of 2 A1 pages will all the information on them, including a short specification. At that time Ordinance 70 had just been replaced by the somewhat larger 1990 BCA (Building Code of Australia).

Earthquake and carelessness

Once again the news features people who have died in a school building and because a hospital collapsed.
They did not die because of Earthquake. Earthquakes don't kill. No! I'm not an idiot. I'm an architect.
I should qualify my statement, Earthquakes don't kill unless a deep rupture opens directly beneath people, as in the time of Moses to Korah in the wilderness.

Work Stress

Real techniques for coping based on experience and the growth of faith in God.

Why Specifications and Schedules are not the end of design

Recently a client of a fellow architect said that the documentation stage was not complete until the schedule of finishes was complete. This raised questions about expectations.


Two circumstances prompted this article. Some clients have come to me with project home plans they wanted altered. And a client put forward a contract that involved the Architect giving copyright to the client.

Weathering a storm

A category one cyclone is not a devastating storm. But it does test every thing mankind makes. Architects and engineers can learn a lot by examining what failed.

Building is a prototype- why its worth paying for good documents when building

In general Australians like to buy things as cheaply as possible, and think money for design is a waste. Good design may be expensive, however, bad or incomplete design may cost a lot!

So you want to be a Designer?

At TAFE I teach the first year part time diploma of Architectural Technology. This experince is showing me how we learn to design.

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