Solar Design

Possibly one of the most important task for design in the temperate climate is to allow winter solar access abut to restrict summer

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Why Specifications and Schedules are not the end of design

Recently a client of a fellow architect said that the documentation stage was not complete until the schedule of finishes was complete. This raised questions about expectations.

Building is a prototype- why its worth paying for good documents when building

In general Australians like to buy things as cheaply as possible, and think money for design is a waste. Good design may be expensive, however, bad or incomplete design may cost a lot!

Standing Seam Roofs

Is there a wide pan (300 to 400mm between ribs) metal roofing similar to the standing seam profile?

There are some products in zinc (Rheinzink) and copper (Copperform) but they are quite expensive.

You can get any type of standing seam or welt you require with Lead. There is a leadworker in Sydney, Kevin Allen.


Q. How to prevent mould in Wardrobes?

A. An incandescent lamp gives heat and may prevent mould

A. A way to remove mould is to create air movement to remove the damp. The doors could be louvred or have a vent panel. An air vent could be made at the top into the roof. This would be most effective with a connection to a roof ventilator such as is used in bathrooms.

A. Moisture absorbent crystals could be used for a temporary solution.

Bambini Trust Cafe, Sydney

This project has been featured in Belle April May 2006 (article by Kirsty de Garis).

We obtained this job as the builders did not have a clue as to how to realise the cleint's vision, or indeed, how to negotiate through Council red tape.

We sat opposite at the table. Maddalena showed me the space we had and explained the client loved things French. Maddalena's library was extensive and we analysed books. There was one photo that we went back to. A rather elegant plaster ceiling with a small bead forming a circle.


Q. Nailed batten fixings are working loose for our 12m long curved sheet metal roof. How much will corrugated sheet metal roofing expand?

A. Metal expands at a rate related to the change in temperature. This change in tempertaure will be afftected by the colour of the roofing. ON a hot summers day without breeze metal roofing may reach 50 Deg.C in off-white, 60 Deg.C in zincalume and 80 Deg.C in Ebony.

Expansion will occur from the centre and for each fastener it will occur towards the end of the sheet. Expasion is linear. Lysaght advises in their Roofing and walling maunal the following


Lightweight Concrete/ Hebel

Q. Does AAC Block/Hebel easily develop hairline cracks? If you use single skin 200mm external walls does it then need a water proof sealant and special paint?

A. Insulation levels are good (is it R1.5 or R1.97?) for 200 mm rendered blocks -
one of the few materials that BASIX doesn't require additional insulation to be
added. In my experience the bigger issue is poor(er) sound attenuation
through the material than has been suggested/implied by the manufacturer.
Being relatively lightweight it has little thermal mass to minimise sound
transfer or moderate the diurnal temperature range. NB


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